Digital Eye Strain – A Major Side Effect to Modern Life


The internet is everywhere but that doesn’t have to mean there is nothing that can be done to alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Eye strain is not gender or age specific. From school aged children to working adults, anyone with a laptop, iPhone, tablet or any other kind of digital device can suffer its effects. Evidence shows that very few people who work or play at a screen regularly are symptom free.

How Does A Computer Screen Affect Vision?

In short, CVS is the result of ocular repetitive motion (just like carpal tunnel syndrome) and the longer it continues, the worse your eyes are going to feel. Eyes are forced to continually focus and refocus when they are locked on a video screen. Unlike printed material on paper, glare from the screen itself, contrast and flickering images all add to the strain digital media puts on the eyes. The lenses … Read more

Discovering the Right Sports Bra Can Be Done

It is important as a female to have the right sports bra when exercising to protect the health of your breasts. A great sports bra protects against breast discomfort and sagging. Yet, millions of women continue to exercise without properly supporting them which leads to discomfort and strain on the breasts’ supportive tissue that can lead to sagging. Here’s what you need to know from Rank & Style about sports bras and finding the perfect one for you.

A great sports bra reduces movement – a good sports bra needs to be able to cut down on movement which means that a great bra with reduced movement stop breast movement by 53 to almost 60 percent for the supportive tissue. Understand that because breast tissue isn’t muscle, but more soft tissue and internal Cooper ligaments (ligaments that support breast buoyancy).

Wear the right cup size – Choose a bra with … Read more

Spring into Easter in Style this Year with These Awesome Gift Ideas!

This year is flying by so quickly that it’s leaving many people scrambling for gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. With Easter striking April 1st, you have just a couple of weeks to make those perfect Easter baskets for your little ones. Don’t worry – we’ve whipped together this fun list of the 5 most awesome gift ideas for Easter!

1. Customization is Key

Nothing says that you care like customizing a gift. It lets your kiddos know that you love them and that they were worth the extra effort. Getting some cute personalized Easter eggs with their name (or even pictures!) on it can be a great way to show that you put thought into every detail of their happy day. You can even get personalized candy to go in said eggs. Having their names embroidered on stuffed toys is also a great idea.

2. Load Up On DIYRead more

Seven Reasons for Using Duvet Covers

If you have been using a coverless duvet or a traditional comforter, then you ought to consider using a duvet cover. All you have to do is to slip in the duvet and zip up the top. The covers come in an assortment of colors and fabric, so you can always customize the bedding to suit your preferences. Statistics have it that three out of four people sleep poorly. Well, you can set yourself aside from these numbers by using a duvet cover.

  1. Tidiness

If you use a duvet without the cover, you will notice that you have problems keeping your bedroom tidy. This is because some duvets have these annoying feathers that keep poking you over time. On the brighter side, the duvet covers will keep the scratchy feathers from making your bed look unkempt.

  1. Easy to switch

If you love variety, then duvet covers are exactly what … Read more

Advice for Shopping Online

Rushing out to the mall or shopping center was once a common pastime for everyone. Children and adults would go shopping on the weekends or holidays for fun, to pass the time and to pick up a last-minute gift. But often, taking a trip to the mall could quickly become a source of frustration. It’s difficult to enjoy yourself when you have to deal with long lines for dressing rooms, slow checkouts and no spaces in the parking lots. These experiences can quickly turn a good day into a bad one.

Online shopping has been a breakthrough in the shopping industry. No more lines, no more parking problems. You can also look at the reviews of a product, from other consumers who have logged on to provide their feedback. You can then make a more informed decision before heading to the checkout screen. Online shopping has changed the way we … Read more