Choose the Right Clothing for Concealed Carry


Many people are exercising their right to carry a concealed weapon. It can help you to feel more comfortable in many situations. You know you have the ability to protect yourself and others around you. However, up until recently it was difficult to find the right clothing if you were carrying a weapon. The options were rather limited to baggy shirts and pants that did not advertise the fact that you were armed.

More Options are Available Today

One of the most common problems that people who carry a concealed weapon have is feeling that the handgun is either not secure or it can be seen. This is particularly true for women. They want to dress attractively, but many outfits just did not provide the security or concealment desired.

Companies have recently started designing apparel that can offer both. There are a variety of shirts, shorts, leggings, and other clothing that are specially designed with a pocket for a handgun that keeps it securely in place until it is needed. This clothing is also made to provide the best concealment. One example of a company that offers concealed carry options for women is UnderTech UnderCover.

Dressing Normally

Loose clothing may help to conceal the fact that you are carrying a weapon, but it can also prevent you from getting to it when it is needed. A long shirt could become caught on the gun as you are pulling it out, costing you precious time. You also do not want to stand out in the crowd. Wearing a coat to conceal a weapon is not a good idea when the weather is warm.

The clothes you wear when carrying a concealed handgun can feel uncomfortable if they do not allow you to make normal movements. You need to be able to bend over, stretch, and walk without it being obvious that you have a weapon. It is called ‘concealed’ for a reason. Everyone does not need to be aware that you are armed.