Discovering the Right Sports Bra Can Be Done

It is important as a female to have the right sports bra when exercising to protect the health of your breasts. A great sports bra protects against breast discomfort and sagging. Yet, millions of women continue to exercise without properly supporting them which leads to discomfort and strain on the breasts’ supportive tissue that can lead to sagging. Here’s what you need to know from Rank & Style about sports bras and finding the perfect one for you.

A great sports bra reduces movement – a good sports bra needs to be able to cut down on movement which means that a great bra with reduced movement stop breast movement by 53 to almost 60 percent for the supportive tissue. Understand that because breast tissue isn’t muscle, but more soft tissue and internal Cooper ligaments (ligaments that support breast buoyancy).

Wear the right cup size – Choose a bra with individual cups rather than one with a stretched to fit one, this advice is especially important for a larger breasted woman who will need additional support during a workout.

Understand the elements of a great sports bra – There are different varieties of sport bra styles to consider when seeking the best fit. Compression bras work better for women who wear smaller cup sizes such as an A or B cup, while a larger breasted woman will want a bra providing solid encapsulation from a bra with individual cups. Understand that pullover sports bras are good for smaller breast, but their lack of rigid front straps and adjustability make them a poor choice for C and above cup sizes.

The back of the bra is another place that can be overlooked while trying out sports bras. Racerbacks help to anchor bras closer to the body which provides good support small to mid-sized breast, larger breasted women will want to consider a padded sports bra model with wider straps to help distribute weight better and provide good adjustability.

Start out with what you know – while discovering a great sports bra for your breast type can be hit or miss, start out with what you know. So, if you haven’t worn a sports bra before, begin with your usual size and stay open to trying out different sizes till you discover the right size for you. You’ll know you’ve got the right size when the back band of the bra remains at the same level.

Here’s how to know that a sports bra isn’t a good fit:

  • Breast or back pain
  • The bra rides up on the back or you need to wear it on its tightest hook
  • Straps dig into your skin

Finding the right sports bra is a matter of trial and error at times, but it can be done. Most bricks mortar and online retailers can help you narrow down a selection of sports bras to suit you making them well worth consulting. Be sure to replace your sports bra every few months and you’ll have a great bra that will always support your needs.