Spring into Easter in Style this Year with These Awesome Gift Ideas!


This year is flying by so quickly that it’s leaving many people scrambling for gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. With Easter striking April 1st, you have just a couple of weeks to make those perfect Easter baskets for your little ones. Don’t worry – we’ve whipped together this fun list of the 5 most awesome gift ideas for Easter!

1. Customization is Key

Nothing says that you care like customizing a gift. It lets your kiddos know that you love them and that they were worth the extra effort. Getting some cute personalized Easter eggs with their name (or even pictures!) on it can be a great way to show that you put thought into every detail of their happy day. You can even get personalized candy to go in said eggs. Having their names embroidered on stuffed toys is also a great idea.

2. Load Up On DIY

Kids are obsessed with mystery collectibles. But filling up a basket with all the popular blind bags, boxes, and surprise eggs can be a bit pricey. To fill it out a bit more, consider buying some DIY options to go with their favorites. There are tons of fun kits and toys out there now, from create-your-own mystery figures to make-your-own chocolate surprise eggs, and kids love them.

3. The Easter Raffle

Rather than filling some eggs with cash and having to rush to the store for your kiddos to buy even more toys or candy, consider having an Easter raffle. Depending on how many kids you have, put 2 – 5 “big” items up for grabs – but only for those who find the special eggs with corresponding raffle numbers. This unorthodox practice is actually super fun and can end up saving you a few bucks!

4. Outdoor Activities, Galore

Sure, your kids will probably get plenty of running around time while they hunt for eggs – but these sweet creatures we call children will soon be so hopped up on excitement and sugar that nap time and peace go on vacation. That’s where some extra outdoor fun can come in handy. To help fill out your Easter basket, add some bubbles, jump ropes, balls, and other small items that should be played with outside. That way they can burn off some of that extra energy just in time for a nap.

5. Add a Little Together Time

Whether it’s a book, a crafting set, or even a new movie that you’ve all been wanting to see, choose at least one gift for your child that you can enjoy together. This helps to promote family time and also lets your little one know that you love them and love spending time with them.

Now that you have an idea of what to fill your Easter baskets with, you can focus on all the other accouterments that come with Easter. The boiled eggs, the lawn decorations, where to hide the eggs, and what to have your kids wear. So, take a breather, relax, then hop to because Easter is right around the corner!